Stockings or Hold ups?

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Let’s first have a look at the difference between stockings and hold ups so you can find out which is the right one for you.

Stockings are basically a pair of tights with the pants part removed and they usually come up to about your mid-thigh but you will need something called a suspender belt which will keep the stockings in place.

Stockings hold up with a suspender belt or garter belt which is what they are commonly referred to and it goes over your underwear and clips will attach to your stockings.

Some people do find this a little fiddly sometimes, but it does give you a super glamourous seductive look.

Let’s have a look at hold ups now, they are very similar to stockings but without the suspender belt and they have a silicone-based lining around the rim of the hold up so they stay in place on your thigh, they are a great alternative if you feel a bit restricted in tights.

There are many types of stockings and hold ups to choose from such as lace top stockings and lace top hold ups which are very popular.

Black stockings are always a winner if you want that classic glamourous look with a touch of sexiness.

Pretty Polly nylon gloss stockings give you that vintage look with these classic plain top stockings.

Soft to touch, making your legs ultra smooth and super glossy.

Aristoc Ultra Shine Hold ups are designed for a polished leg look

they are one of my favorites for comfort and quality.

The luxury lace top give a touch of glamour.


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